Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Post!

As a lifelong feminist and self-proclaimed Bitch, I've been fed up with the unfair social institutions, oppressive stereotypes, unconcerned political leaders, etc, etc... for most of my conscious years. One day I decided to start a movement, namely The HBIC Movement, in an attempt to focus my frustrations and ideas, and effectively change the world... Together with some of my best and smartest friends, the idea was summed up as:

The HBIC Movement aims to reawaken and unbridle the power and potential of womanhood:

By inspiring women to take charge of their lives, effectively utilize womanpower, and continually empower others through lived philosophy, the Movement, as well as individual HBICs and their supporters, emphatically reject the sociocultural and political systems of dominance in which sex/gender oppression thrives; The HBIC Movement is not only a progressive, productive organization, it consciously approaches and remakes culture to foster the growth of an international community of self-defined, autonomous women collectively achieving justice for all womankind.

So: Who is an HBIC and why is she a role model? The HBIC is a
self-confident, self-motivated and self-loving being. She refuses to be
a second-class citizen or victim of social oppression. She makes it
her mission to speak up and out, regardless of consequence. The HBIC recognizes the power of herself and the collective power of her sisters and HBIC enthusiasts, who together make up the HBIC Movement.

Seeing how this was almost a year ago and I have been too busy with being a full time grad student and working full time to also launch a worldwide social movement and nonprofit organization, I have now decided to take baby steps and start with a blog. It is my hope that I can generate support for The HBIC Movement and it's related causes by unabashedly publishing my own opinions. So, this is my first post. I hope you will find something that is both substantial and challenging here, as I expect to.

You're a bitch. And I mean that in the best way possible!

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