Friday, December 18, 2009

Pro-Choice License Plates

I just saw this on The state of Virginia is offering PRO-CHOICE license plates! Virginia will be the third state, joining Montana and Hawaii, in offering a pro-choice plate. The proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood locations in Virginia, although they will be directed towards prevention education not abortions, which is better than nothing. I think that decision will spur more people to buy the plates which turns out to be more beneficial for Planned Parenthood and showing support for the cause. If these were available in California I would cough up the dough for sure. Although, I can already imagine the hate crimes and vandalism that cars with such plates may endure...hopefully not but of course I am skeptical. My car got pissed on once at a Dodger v. Rockies game because I still had Colorado plates...and I'm a Dodger fan! Anyway, here is a picture of the super sweet plates, and a link to the Feministing story... Happy Friday Bitches!

Pro-Choice License Plates in Virginia

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